Testimonials and Reviews

SL Pharma Labs started its work back in 1997. Since that time, we have been working with numerous innovative and generic companies in this country and from around the globe. By helping them to develop their pharmaceutical projects within the set budget and deadline, we’ve led most drugs to the FDA approval. Now, these medicines are being successfully sold in dozens of countries.

Several features make us stand out from the crowd of other companies. Mainly, it’s our flexibility and the ability to customize the final product per client’s needs, time and budget expectations. Repeat business operations, excellent collaboration ties, and a great record with the FDA for GMP-Compliance and Pre-approval inspections prove this.


Pierre Morrissey Ph.D., Director of Quality, Mylan Institutional: We’ve been looking for support in our control release and stability testing for parenteral drugs. Luckily, we found it at SL Pharma Labs. The in-house team of experienced scientists and researchers has all the needed problem-solving skills. Moreover, they offer the flexibility of service and meet all of the requirements.

Frank Hoven, Vaccine Manufacturing, Sanofi-Pasteur: We are grateful to the SL Pharma Labs team for their support for our project of Influenza Vaccine. Their in-house experts manufactured sterile batches and worked on the effectiveness of the antimicrobial preservative. They’ve been testing a lot to decide on the best candidates. They did even more than that! Once the testing was completed, SL Pharma Labs provided a full technical report supporting the facts and numbers with recommendations. The quality of their work and dedication to our project is impressive.

Carrie Nodgaard, Senior Director, CytRx Corporation: It’s the tough work on the complex lyophilized injectable drug product that brought us to SL Pharma Labs. And not once have we doubted on our choice. As we were looking for the formulation development, formulation optimization and analytical method development and its validation for the drug, we found everything at SL Pharma Labs. What is impressive it’s their problem-solving and analytical skills. Thanks to their experts, we’ve made huge progress.

Luke Foo, Senior Director, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals: It’s not that we often choose to outsource some of the processes, but this time we required help from SL Pharma Labs with a few of our ANDA projects. What we got in the result was amazing cooperation and feedback from their management team. Local scientists helped with the planning and execution of the programs. They fit into the timeline and the budget. Their flexibility and support are outstanding.

Walter Jump, Pharm. D., Vice President, Synerx: SL Pharma Labs has become our partner while we were working on the CMC parenteral products. Their team of scientists boasts great experience and knowledge, whilst the management staff is highly responsive. It is a very rare case when one company combines technical strength and PM skills. SL Pharma Labs is a pleasant exception. Their unbelievably high speed and ability to turn around on deliverables are the things that led us to a productive collaboration.

Peter Mays, Ph.D., VP, Pharmaceutical Development, FemmePharma Global Healthcare, Inc.: If you are looking for a team of experts, there’s hardly a better option than to work with SL Pharma Labs. Judging from own experience (and we’ve been in cooperation for over a decade), all of your projects, no matter how complex they are, will be completed on time and according to your requirement. We’ve been outsourcing the topical therapeutic forms developments, entrusted the analytical development, stability development and clinical manufacture. Never have they failed.

Solomon Tse, Ph.D., CMC Consultant: We started working with SL Pharma Labs when we needed support in the development and manufacture of the I/II sterile therapeutic vaccine. The complexity of the project was due to the complex mixtures of peptide/proteins specific to the suspension dosages. SL Pharma Labs became a very flexible partner. Together, we completed this project and then worked on a few analytical tasks. All quality and delivery expectations were successfully met.

Eric Benjamin, Ph.D., CMC Consultant, Pharmaceutical Development: I have entrusted the development, validation, and testing of the analytical method to SL Pharma Labs. The operations had to be conducted in the very early stages of the product that was part of the early CMC development phase. The team of scientists at SL Pharma Labs impressed by their flexibility, professionalism, and expertise.