Whether our clients are focused on novel technologies or large and small molecules, SL Pharma Labs is experienced in working with both. Our client base includes large and small organizations, start-ups and multinational ones. Any of them is free to choose from a set of CMC-development options including the four types of development (formulation, product, microbiological, analytical), clinical manufacturing, ICH stability testing, technical transfers, and prior-to-sales control testing. 

Along with the set of services above, SL Pharma Labs provides documentation support for ANDA, NDA, and IND products. Also, we went far beyond cooperation with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Today, we are partnering with CMOs for commercial manufacture purposes. The main focus of the collaboration is the transfer of the required technology for providing support during the phases of commercial manufacturing:

  • Pre-Formulation and Formulation Development
  • Analytical Development & Quality Control Testing
  • Microbiological Development & Quality Control Testing
  • Parenteral Product Development & Clinical Manufacturing
  • Topical Product Development & Clinical Manufacturing
  • Consulting Services