It was in the late 20th century (1997) that SL Pharma Labs started providing its clients with its high-quality service. On the one hand, we aimed at offering a top-quality pharmaceutical product. On the other one, we ensured the testing of topical, liquid, and parenteral drugs. The entire process covered several development directions (formulation, analytical, microbiological) along with clinical manufacturing in the early stages.

Years passed, and today, SL Pharma Labs has a vast experience that includes the development of NDA 505-b and ANDAs with their further approval and commercial sales.

For many years, we’ve been providing both stability testing and quality control release of top marketed drugs. With our competent technical staff and an experienced management team, SL Pharma Labs has made the name of a reputable partner, especially in terms of quality, costs, efficiency, and timelines.

Now, the mission of SL Pharma Labs is to support its clients. It is fulfilled by meeting clients’ development and analysis requirements along with those of the regulatory approval, budget limits, deadlines, and commercial sales.

Having the quality of services and products approved translates in positive customer experience, and thus is of crucial importance for both the businesses and the consumers; most popular e-drugstores have won their recognition thanks to our assistance.

These are the five features that make SL Pharma Labs stand out over other organizations:

  • Experience — Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced with a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and the difficulties of the commercial sales process.
  • Customization — It’s the customized (adaptive) approach that we use to ensure the needs of our clients are being met.
  • Reliability — We aim at meeting both the deadlines and clients’ budget requirements.
  • Collaboration — Our staff takes full responsibility for project development and completion from start to finish.
  • Tracking — GMP-compliance and product’s high quality are being tracked at all stages.

We’re the team of leaders with experience in biotechnology and pharmacy. We have deep knowledge and commitment to any project. And this helps SL Pharma Labs complete the medical task most efficiently, meeting all the targets set by our clients.