Sl Pharma Labs Team

Read to learn more about our senior experts:

  • Waheed Sheikh, PhD
  • Founder and President

Dr. Sheikh is one of the top experienced in-house team members of SL Pharma Labs. After earning a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics and Microbiology from the University of London, he’s been working in the industry for over thirty years. Dr. Sheikh is recognized for his experience in extensive drug development and cooperation with multinational companies like AstraZeneca and Roussel Pharmaceuticals. Yet, his experience is not limited to the drug development process only. He is also knowledgeable in operational and strategic planning, CMC development of topic/parenteral dosage forms as well as antimicrobial drugs. Back in 1997, Dr. Sheikh became the co-founder of SL Pharma Labs and managed to lead the company to success in the industry thanks to achievements in developing, completion and approval of generic and innovator drugs. Today, Dr. Sheikh is more than the president of SL Pharma Labs, but also the company’s advisor and technical leader.

  • Khurshid Iqbal, PhD
  • Executive Vice President, Product Development & Operations

After earning a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics and graduating from the University of Sciences of Philadelphia, Dr. Iqbal has been holding the post of a senior manager in midsize and large pharmaceutical companies. During his 25-year career, he’s been working with such known companies like Squib, Roche, West, KBI Bio, and J&J. Today, he’s holding the post of the executive vice president at SL Pharma Labs. Moreover, Dr. Iqbal takes full responsibility for the company’s operational and strategic directions, formulation and biotechnology development, the system of drug delivery, commercial and clinical manufacturing, and dosage forms for parenterals and topicals, ophthalmics and intranasals. He is experienced in using the liposomes, co-solvents, nanoparticles, micro-emulsions and other modern technologies in the MC development aspects of large and small molecules. Dr. Iqbal is especially knowledgeable in the development of parenterals and has taken full responsibility for the ongoing development of the biotechnology at SL Pharma Labs. When it comes to solving the most complex issues, Dr. Iqbal  becomes the main source of wisdom and support. 

  • Harry Lautenbacher, PhD
  • Director, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

With a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Temple University, Philadelphia, Dr. Lautenbacher offers his experience in the affairs of regulatory, quality and operations. During the years of his active presence in the industry, he’s been a management leader at DuPont, Helvet Pharma, and Forest Labs. For over 11 years, Dr. Lautenbacher has been a key member of the SL Pharma Labs’ management team. Within the walls of our Quality and Regulatory Affairs department, he’s been taking responsibility for program planning, execution, and management.

  • Pramod Nednoor, PhD
  • Director of Analytical/Biotechnology Development and Quality Control

Dr. Nednoor has earned his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Kentucky. Today, he is the senior leadership team member at SL Pharma Labs. Dr. Nednoor holds the position of a technical leader and experienced manager working on product research, development, and management. His team comprises scientists and analytics taking responsibility for planning, managing and maintaining the microbiological and analytics aspects of the project. Dr. Nednoor’s team controls the biotechnological and pharmaceutical aspects of product development. 

Other staff members

The team of senior experts is also powered by project leaders and scientists with experience and qualification for crafting the backbone of all the company’s projects.